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Rooted in the Marketpalce

I have mentioned a few times that spending 30 days with a tree every day is changing me, for the better. I am experiencing a consistent and deeper sense of quietness within my body. It’s as if my neurology has reorganized and relaxed into a pattern of base line calm. I find this feeling stays with me, mostly, through the day.

Last weekend, I had to go to Babylon (Seattle) for a screening of our film Song of the New Earth at Northwest Folklife Festival. Here I was suddenly thrust among a few thousand people on the Seattle Center grounds. But, instead of feeling jazzed up, I felt a rootedness as I wandered among the music acts. I could feel Madonna with me as if her roots had come along to hold mine down. In trips to the big city, I often can experience ungroundedness and overwhelm. But I wandered calmly among the throng and felt a soft kindness towards everyone.

Rootedness begets presence which begets kindness which is love. Corny? But it is what I am experiencing.

As I head out now to the Illuminate Film Festival in Sedona Arizona, where a few episodes of TreeStory will premiere, I have taken a small branch from the ground around Madonna as a wand of protection. I will see if her energy and influence on me carries a few thousand miles away into the desert.

Tree Haiku - Day 21 Why sit with a tree When there is so much to do? Breathe and laugh out loud

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