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Day 18 - Sex and Tree Breathing

Okay I have mentioned it a few times but here is a practice that will heal all your maladies, improve your sex life, make you more attractive, harmonize your thoughts and calm your central nervous system. I call it Tree Breathing.

I do it every time I come to Madonna. I do tree breathing often when I am on walks. If there was one thing I would have you do in your life it is this practice. Not just read about it, but really do it. Alas, many will read, but few will do.

Tree Breathing. It takes six breaths. The first three breaths begin under the ground. You imagine the breath coming up through your body and out your heart and hands into the tree. Then breathe down the tree into the earth. So, you’ve made one cycle from the ground up into you, then from you into the tree and down the tree into the earth again. Do this cycle three times.

The next three breaths you also begin underground but this time imagine the breath being drawn up inside the tree then into your hands and heart and down your body into the earth. This is another cycle but in the opposite direction. Do this cycle three times.

After doing this, if you don’t feel better and calmer I will refund your money.

Now there are four positions to do Tree Breathing. The Tree Hugger Position, the Arms Length Position, the Back Position and the Casual Position. The breathing in all three positions is the same, the only difference is how you engage with the tree.

Tree Hugger Position is self explanatory

Arms Length Position is placing your hands only on the tree

Back Position is leaning back against the tree

Casual Position is placing one hand on the tree. Casual position like the back position, is really good if you are feeling self conscious, say if you a re in a park with people around. You can do tree breathing and no one will even notice. Except that when you are done, you will be calmer, more attractive and hot people will want to have sex with you.

Tree Haiku - Day 18 Why all this hurry Without time for the body Your breath is wasted

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