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Every place I’ve every lived, as a boy in Alabama, as a young buck in Southeast Alaska or turning silver in the Pacific Northwest, I have gravitated towards one particular tree. Over time I developed a relationship with each of these trees, the maple in Alabama, the Cedar by the waterfall in Alaska or the Douglas Fir near my home in Port Townsend. For many years, I was afraid to admit that this relationship with a tree felt deep and personal. But when I began to tell people about it, I found I was not alone. Person after person confessed to me that they too had a special tree in their life and had a story to go along with it.


It was then I remembered a vow I made to the Alaskan cedar tree by the waterfall. With my head pressed close to it and eyes closed, I promised it that someday I would work for the trees. Twenty years later, that promise became the seed for TreeStory, a series devoted to people who love trees.


With your help, we will go around the world, bringing the best TreeStories to life. Perhaps it will become a movement and inspire tree stewardship everywhere.


Thank you!


Ward Serrill



VERY SPECIAL THANKS! Andria Friesen, Marlys Anderson, Vicki Dunakin, Aileen Imperial, Ella Andrews, Susan Scott, Mary Gruenewald, Clifford Payne, Matt Lawrence, Pete Droge, Eric Frith, David Smith, Suzanne Anderson, Casey Trees

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